We’re proud to offer a variety of products to fit any of our client's needs. Whether you’re looking for a small home project or major construction, we have the products and the expertise to build your dreams. 

Shotcrete for Pool Builders

Shotcrete is a wet concrete mix that is prepared before it arrives at your site. It is applied through a gun that shoots the wet mixture on your desired surface, hence the name. This method is more efficient, strong and consistent.

Fill Mixes

Flowable Fill mixes for backfill applications

Flowable Fill is an alternative to traditional soil. It is a self-compacting material that is an efficient solution to backfilling. It is also more economical when taking cost, equipment, and labor into consideration. The mix is self-leveling which removes the need for excavation.

All Residential & commercial types of concrete mixes

Whether you need a fast setting mix, high-strength, or multi-purpose, we can pour whatever you need. Not sure what’s right for you? That’s not a problem - our experienced team of experts can make the right call for your project, so it’s strong and durable over time. 

Concrete Pouring
Concrete Fiber Reinforcement

Fiber Reinforcement

Sometimes concrete structures have a complex design that cannot be reinforced from rhubarb. Fiber Reinforced concrete has fibers mixed into the concrete to inhibit the concrete from breaking apart. This will help protect your investment and improve the longevity of your concrete structure. 

Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC)

Self-Consolidating Concrete is an extremely fluid mixture that is efficient and is easily implemented in your selected mold. The mixture flows and consolidates under its own weight, has less water and more aggregate in its mix than standard concrete, and is commonly used in areas of complex form work and when smooth surfaces are desired.

Self-Consolidating Concrete
Pre-Cast Blocks and Curbs

Pre-Cast Blocks and Curbs

Designed to last, Bass Concrete produces high-quality blocks and curbs to comply with industry’s standards.

Ready to Get Started?

Whatever your project is, we can make it happen. Our products are strategically chosen for their strength and durability. We only work with the best, because we know you deserve the best. Contact us today, lets get your project started.

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